girls and witchcraftWhat do you think about this statement: The bigger the church, the better the church? Where is this concept found in Scripture? Yes, churches are to be a place that welcomes all people because we’re all sinners. Yes, Jesus hung out with sinners. But he did not approve of or sugarcoat their sin; his primary message was “Repent.”

We’ve heard statements like these made by a growing number of professing Christians and church leaders lately – so does that alone make them correct statements?  Are they dangerous platitudes that might sound good, but usher in a watered-down gospel and doctrine?

What about money and ministry? Is more money and bigger buildings always biblical?

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This morning we take a look at a couple of news stories and the varying perspectives of well-known pastors and what they believe about the condition of the Church: Andy Stanley and Michael Brown.  In our first segment, we check in with Pastor Saiko Woods for his thoughts on these and other issues.


Pastor Andy Stanley Says Those Who Don’t Attend a Large Church are ‘Selfish’

Note: Stanley has edited his original message

Rebuttal Letter to Andy Stanley

Adam, Eve, and Andy Stanley

Rick Warren and Emerging Mega Churches

Peter Drucker: Leadership Network and the Emergence of the Modern Mega Church Empire

Cotton Candy Christianity: Joel Osteen’s Gospel of Neutrality & Omission

Gullibility, the Great Sin of the Charismatic Church – Michael Brown