God’s Word refers to unbelievers and insincere believers as “stiff-necked,” refusing to accept truth over what they want to believe.  Welcome to 21st Century America, where truth is being replaced with secular humanism, elevating man’s opinions over God’s truth.

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This morning we share some news stories showing just how far down the road our nation is headed away from God, but in the first segment, we speak with founder of Focus on the Family, Dr. James DobsonDobson FamilyTalk

Wisconsin has a presidential primary tomorrow and here are some concerning stats: 30% of evangelical Christians do not vote in elections. 25% of Christians are not even registered to vote. Along with Dobson, we believe Christians are supposed to be salt of the earth and light in the world. This includes being a moral influence in our culture.

Questions from our interview with Dr. James Dobson:

  • You’ve seen a lot of presidential election cycles; is this the most unusual one you have witnessed?
  • With all the issues facing our nation – moral, social, economic, national security – what do you believe is the most important that affects the family and country as a whole?
  • What are your thoughts on the anger we are seeing displayed these days, and how important is it for Christians to avoid making decisions and voting out of anger?
  • Please share with our listeners your candid thoughts on all the candidates.
  • Many Christians are frustrated with the whole election process. They either feel like their vote doesn’t matter and wonder if they should withdraw from the political process completely. How do you encourage these folks?
  • When the Supreme Court ruled in favor of homosexuality last year and redefined marriage, many of us thought it would soon be open season on Christians and churches. How concerned are you about the attacks on churches and the Supreme Court vacancies and future appointments?
  • What do you think about the number of professing Christians that approve of what the Bible calls sin? Is this an effect of the lack of teaching on homosexuality in most of our churches?
  • If parents don’t teach their children in the ways of God, government will gladly teach them the opposite of a biblical worldview. How much has the state succeeded in wrestling away the moral training of our children from parents?

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In Segment 2 we discuss Sexual Confusion: the New Religion

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