Today we’re joined by Wisconsin State representatives Paul Tittl and John Macco to discuss why it’s important for Christians to be informed and vote, and also how government continues to infringe on our religious beliefs.

There are some godly men in politics; we should pray for and support them. There are also many Christian citizens who are uncertain about voting in elections. In order to maintain our freedoms in America, it is vital that we rally more believers to vote in local and state elections – regardless of what they decide regarding the presidential ticket. Politics affects every one of us and by doing nothing, we allow those with a godless agenda to further their implementation of liberal, anti-Christian policies and legislation.

What is the solution? A new poll suggests 20% of born-again Christians will not vote in November due to the remaining choices. Understanding the fact millions of Christians are not even registered to vote, and millions of true Christians stay home during elections so as a result, those of us who want to see God’s influence in government and our religious freedoms protected might feel either disappointed or overwhelmed.

Meanwhile, the battle heats up in North Carolina as the Obama DOJ is once again suing a state because of a state policy.

The federal Government announced yesterday they are suing the State of North Carolina under federal anti-discrimination laws for refusing to open up all bathrooms to all people regardless of sexual orientation or how they “feel” that particular day.  Many believe this is every bit as important as the landmark Supreme Court ruling normalizing homosexual “marriage” last year.

But we’re missing the point if we think this battle is about bathrooms, or even the radical “transsexual” movement.  It’s about our freedom to worship God and live as He commands us in His Word.  Humanists will not be satisfied until man and man alone is worshiped–and Christians are silenced once and for all.

Good thing our hope is not in man or in this world, but in Jesus Christ, the only true, living God that can save us.

20 Percent of Born Again Christians Will Not Vote in November Election, Poll Finds

Justice Department, North Carolina file dueling lawsuits over bathroom law