Liberals Censor Speech But Claim Diversity

by | May 25, 2016 | Homosexual Agenda, Liberalism, Religious Freedom

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President George Washington once said, “If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” Was this an exaggeration or are religious freedoms, particularly those protected under the First Amendment, that important?
Like many modern day corporations, especially those whose owners are under 35, Facebook has a liberal worldview. So it was not surprising when several former Facebook employees recently admitted its news curators routinely suppressed conservative news on the social media giant’s trending module.
How does this work? Instead of allowing content many of us want to see, Facebook manipulated its news section to reflect the biases of its young workers, many of whom are hostile toward the Christian worldview. They blatantly abused their authority and power of influence to create or hijack a trending news topic to serve their liberal bias.
…Most of us know the recent bathroom debate and gender battle seemingly came out of nowhere and now more people are confused about sex, the basics of biology and science, and of course, truth.
But chaos, confusion, and moral relativism only propel godlessness further down the road of destruction. Am I being dramatic?
Canada’s Liberal Party, headed up by new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, introduced a brand new bill that would punish anyone who disagrees with gender identity or expression, classifying dissent as “hate speech.” This could land a practicing Christian in jail for two years.
At least we know exactly where he stands.
You may have also heard about the New York Times writer, Nicholas Kristof, who recently admitted liberal intolerance is rampant, saying they practically demand people think like them. So much for diversity of thought.
During a time when young children and confused youth are questioning what they hear in culture, the truth is being censored. Why? Because the Left doesn’t want to hear there is a God who created them and loves them, but will also judge them one day for their rebellious lives unless they turn to Him by faith.
Most of us are encountering brand new discussions related to sex and gender. Are we ready to have these important conversations, and prepared to respond with compassionate answers to those who are truly searching? As important as it is to stand up for truth and religious freedom as well as to ensure the safety of all women and young children regarding public restrooms and locker rooms, we must first seek to meet the more pressing spiritual needs.
And while we look for opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and confront sin, we can expect attempts to keep us quiet – or at least keep us within church walls.
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