revelationThe Bible has much to say about unity in the Christian faith.  Jesus prays that His Apostles would be one as Jesus and the Father are one (John 17).  It also tells us to have nothing to do with false teachers who present a different gospel. We are told to correctly discern between truth and deception, yet not quarrel over every little thing. John said to “test the spirits.”

As unbelievers and professing Christians struggle in a world tearing itself apart, how should we apply teachings on “unity” from the Bible?  In July, Washington D.C. will host “Together 2016” with the stated goal of bringing Christians and Roman Catholics to “stand together for Jesus” and encourage young people to “Reset.”  In fact, Pope Frances has agreed to address the gathering via video message.

What are we to think of these types of events?  This one will be a mixed bag of solid fundamental teachers as well as those considered more “emergent” along with the Pope himself. Some believe this is a vehicle to call Protestants back to Roman Catholicism–a stated goal of the Roman Catholic Church over the past decade.  Others say it is about time we come together as Christians in prayer and purpose – regardless of denomination.We’d like to hear your thoughts.

For example, if your pastor was asked to speak at a gathering such as this, should you or your pastor attend? Why or why not?