Elijah Abraham

Living Oasis Ministries

Elijah offers a unique perspective on the nature of Islam. He was born and raised as a Muslim in Iraq, but converted to Christianity and started Living Oasis Ministries, an organization devoted to teaching American churches about Islam and the best means for reaching out to Muslims with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Living Oasis Ministries is called to equip the saints in the U.S. and around the world to reach Muslims for Christ, to proclaim the Word of God to those who do not know Him through preaching and teaching the Word of God, and to help the global Church challenge Islam with the gospel through apologetics.


There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world today.  Studies show that by 2050 one third of the people on earth–2.76 billion–may be Muslims.

As usual, the secular media presents two false arguments:  Progressives tout Islam as a religion of peace, while some conservatives would have us believe every Muslim is a terrorist just waiting to be activated.  The truth is radical Muslim terrorism is a real threat, but a majority of Muslims just want to practice their faith and live in peace.  The eternal truth is they need the gospel of Jesus Christ.  How do we as Christians share the true gospel with our Muslim neighbors and fellow citizens?

Elijah Abraham, a former Muslim, joins us to discuss his recent experience in Dearborn, Michigan–a city where Islam is growing rapidly.



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