It is difficult to observe all that is going on around us and not see the prophetic words of the Bible coming to fruition.  The world around us continues to spin into chaos as God becomes an after thought to most.

As Christians how do we understand the events we see happening and stay focused on God? How do we battle against discouragement and stay focused on God’s commands to share the gospel and make disciples of all nations?

It’s always good to hear from radio veteran, Jan Markell of Understanding the Times Radio – she joins us to discuss world events and how Christians should respond.


Tunnel to Hell?

Part of the conversation today covered the bizarre, demonic, $8 million dollar ceremony dedicating the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland.  Jill Martin Rische writes:

Switzerland recently opened its Gotthard Base Tunnel to world acclaim. It is 35 miles of railway running deep inside a 7,000-foot mountain. It took seventeen years and nine deaths to build the first flat route ever through the Alps, directly linking Switzerland to Germany, France, and Italy. It is a transportation powerhouse, providing the means to resettle untraceable thousands of refugees in the heart of Europe.

French newspapers called the tunnel itself a “cathedral” and a “hyphen” between Switzerland and Europe. The celebration, set on an international EU stage, featured a shock and awe ceremony that included  demons, the horned goat-man Krampus, a Swiss pagan goddess called Percht, and x-rated dance choreography. The $8 million production featured many actors dressed as transvestites and prostitutes. It was definitely not family entertainment. The ceremony lasted about six hours.
…The ceremony began with dancers wearing orange coveralls worn by the miners, marching in military formation like zombies — mindless in death. It continued with a pantomime of human sacrifice to the tunnel as miners then transformed into spirits, symbolized by partially nude dancers wearing white underwear and veils. bizarre swiss tunnel ceremony

A goat man with long horns, identified with a demon-like being known in Swiss tradition as Krampus, leaped screaming onto the stage and began a dance ritual of mating with and then consuming the spirits of the dead.

This led to a scene detailing what appeared to be pagan nature worship, with actors dressed in black wearing plants and even nests on their heads. As the dancers groped and kissed each other, the goat man appeared on a giant screen behind them, surrounded by flames and three Egyptian scarab-beetles representing the god Ra.

Flying on wires over the dancers was a topless trans-like woman with large, white wings, representing the Swiss goddess Percht.  A fake plastic lamb — in essence, dead — was carried around the stage while a woman holding a small wooden cross faded into the background. At the end of the ceremony, the goat man was resurrected and worshiped.

Evil hid in plain sight on a world stage in Switzerland, dancing a few feet away from Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, Italian Prime Minister Renzi, and French President Francois Hollande. Did they know the meaning of this twisted activity that seemed to be a ritual?


What Lives Matter?

We also discussed the racial division and unrest in America including the Leftist-funded Black Lives Matter movement, as well as an important DVD on U.S. presidents and Israel:

Jan Markell considers the Presidents of the United States starting with Woodrow Wilson through Barack Obama. Wilson was in office at the time of the Balfour Declaration – the unofficial “birth” of Israel. Which Presidents have blessed or cursed Israel? Some Democrats have and some Republicans have. One President was called a “Righteous Gentile.” But many have abused God’s covenant land and people and America pays a price when that happens.

Jan spends extensive time on the Obama administration and their abysmal abuse of Israel and obvious favored opinion of the Islamic terror world.  As a result, America is steeped in unsolvable problems. She reminds us that God will always take care of Israel and that the issues she raises point to the soon return of the Lord.

“Romans 9, 10, and 11 are the greatest testaments about God’s love for Israel…” Jan Markell



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