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Dave Wager

President, Silver Birch Ranch & Nicolet Bible Institute

Dave's goal in life is to continually know Christ and make Him known. Check out


The Bible frequently teaches us to pursue wisdom from God.  But even wisdom without obedience to God can lead to serious problems.  Case in point: Solomon, who prayed for wisdom, was granted it, yet disobeyed God frequently, leading to serious consequences for his people.

This morning we look at world events and Christian circumstances through the eyes of Solomon’s writings in Ecclesiastes.  How can we apply the wisdom of the Bible and the lessons Solomon learned from the mistakes he made to life in a chaotic, evil world?

Dave Wager of Nicolet Bible Institute joins us to discuss living with wisdom in a chaotic world.

On today’s program, Mike and Dave Wager discuss a few points from the book of Ecclesiastes.