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Doug Wakefield

President, Best Minds Inc

Doug has been in the financial industry for 29 years. The focus since 2005 has been on providing investment research and weekly commentary on world markets as well as specific recommendations on third party trading managers. Doug writes the monthly research newsletter, The Investor's Mind.

Note: Broad based financial planning is not a service of Best Minds Inc. Any information shared on today's program is opinion and should not be taken as financial advice.

The Bible warns us of great economic stress and chaos as we approach the return of our Lord and Savior.  The world will face economic and social crisis and look for a “savior”–but most will look in all the wrong places!

Things are still relatively stable in our economy, at least on the surface.  But an increasing number of economists are warning of a big shakeup as our government continues to prop up the economy with massive spending and debt.  So how should Christians prepare for a potential major economic shake-up?  We’re joined by our regular guest, Doug Wakefield of Best Minds Inc. as well as a local guest in the second segment, Dan Teske, to discuss the warning signs and how Christians can prepare if things get ugly.