Professing Christians are being deceived and we need to wake up before it is too late.  We are falling for the deception of humanism, being spread by the “father of lies”, Satan himself.  And he has powerful allies in government, media and public education promoting his agenda.  Not only is our nation at risk; the eternal souls of millions, many who profess to be Christians, hangs in the balance.

It is not the blantant, easy to spot lie that is the danger.  It is the subtle deception that appears to be right that endangers us.  Something that sounds right to us because we are using a faulty thought process that opens us up to deception.

God created our brain, heart and conscience to perform wonderfully, aligned with His truth and will for our lives.  But the sinful nature in man has corrupted our thought process.  Just look around at how many professing Christians justify abortion or homosexual marriage as “right” in God’s eyes.  And sadly look how many born-again Christians struggle to counter the deception around us in a way that leads these people to the truth of God and His Word.  The sad reality is that most churches and Christian leaders have fallen into the trap that our public education system has set for our children:  They teach people what to think instead of how to think.  The Bible has become verses we memorize, yet fail to understand how to apply to our lives every day.  We know the what, but not the how, and we open ourselves to clever deception, robbing us of joy and peace.

Paul tells us that true believers have the mind of Christ, able to take our thoughts captive in obedience to Jesus.  But has anyone ever showed you how to do this by the power of God’s Word and Spirit?  We have a powerful weapon to counter deception and help others, but we fail to read or understand the “User Manual”, the Bible.  I spent nearly three years writing my latest book “The Death of Christian Thought: The Deception of Humanism and how to Protect Yourself”, to help Christians learn how to take our thoughts captive and protect us from the deception of Humanism that has many on the road to eternal hell.  It was birthed from six years doing a Christian Radio Talk Show and interacting with thousands of Christians looking for answers to the challenges of life.

My book will help you understand the true gospel as opposed to the humanist version making the rounds in many churches these days. It will help you correctly interpret the Bible to guard you against clever deception.  And it will show you how to have wonderful marriages and powerful Christian fellowship.  But this can only be accomplished in us by the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.  And that means we must truly be born again.  This book will clear up any confusion about your eternal salvation and show you how by the power of God’s Word and Spirit we can lead lives of joy and peace, regardless of our circumstances.

Amazon is currently offering an early promotional discount. I guarantee you my book will change how you understand the Word of God and protect you against the great falling away the Bible warns us about.  I have used the material in my book to help Christians have great marriages and discern truth from subtle deception that is leading too many to eternal damnation.  And you will know how to become an effective apologist and evangelist, sharing the truth in love with a world in desperate need.