Gary Kah

Gary Kah is the former Europe & Middle East Trade Specialist for the Indiana state government. While in that position he traveled extensively overseas working closely with the economic staff at American Embassies on trade-related projects. During that time, he learned of efforts underway to establish a one-world political/financial system. He also discovered there was a religious motivation connected with these endeavors.

Gary has written two best-selling books detailing his experiences and explaining the goals of the one-world/interfaith movement. His books, En Route to Global Occupation and The New World Religion, are fully documented and are critical in understanding today's global developments - including the unfolding financial crisis and rapidly changing events in the Middle East.


The election of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton last week surprised millions as the liberal press did all it could to elect Clinton and lead people to believe her election was inevitable.  We are seeing many young people and elite progressives losing their minds, and some are rioting supported by people like George Soros, Jim Wallis of Sojourners, and Planned Parenthood Action, being urged to ignore the will of the American electorate.

Leaders of major American cities are coming out and saying they will directly oppose any mandate to control illegal immigration.  As the Bible warned us, lawlessness would increase in the  last days.

What does Trump’s election mean to Christians and America?  Is there reason to be concerned that he may not actually ever assume the office of the Presidency?  Could there be a plot brewing behind the scenes to usurp the will of the American voters in electing Donald Trump?

Joining us today is Gary Kah, a man who has studied the globalist movement toward a one world government for nearly 30 years, writing extensively and warning us of what the Bible tells us will happen.

Scenario #1  Something happens preventing Donald Trump from actually becoming President…

*manufactured crisis (terrorism, economic, etc)

*attempt on his life

*Military rule or Obama “steps in” to assure the nation

Scenario #2  God puts good people around him and we see America at least temporarily reverse our slide away from God and His teachings

*Christians repent and start to get involved

*religious freedom is maintained

*As much as possible, abortion and the LGBT movement is stopped

Scenario #3  Trump takes office and the Globalist establishment pulls the strings and causes a financial crisis:

*Trump and Conservatives are blamed and voted out of power

*Globalist/progressives scream “See we told you so…!”

*The nation is seduced into going back to Marxist/Humanist policies—walking right back into moral and economic slavery

Scenario #4: Trump becomes president. By the grace of God and His divine intervention, the powerful forces of evil seeking to bring our country to ruin are unable to succeed with their plans – at least not at this time. With the assistance of Vice-President Mike Pence, Trump surrounds himself with wise, intelligent advisors who help him make the right decisions. He appoints conservative Christian judges to the Supreme Court. America remains a free nation and begins to dig herself out of the mess she is in. Even though Trump receives great opposition and criticism from the Far-Left, he is able to navigate through the troubled waters with help from above – because people repented and cried out to God and pleaded with Him to intervene; so He did.

There are a myriad of other possibilities ranging from assassination attempts to calls for re-votes in certain states due to natural catastrophes (like hurricanes or earthquakes) making it difficult for some citizens to vote. Or, leaders of either party might argue the election was stolen from their candidate via the system being hacked; this would almost certainly result in serious unrest. Ultimately, only the Lord knows exactly how things will unfold.”


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