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Doug Wakefield

President, Best Minds Inc

Doug has been in the financial industry for 29 years. The focus since 2005 has been on providing investment research and weekly commentary on world markets as well as specific recommendations on third party trading managers. Doug writes the monthly research newsletter, The Investor's Mind.

Note: Broad based financial planning is not a service of Best Minds Inc. Any information shared on today's program is opinion and should not be taken as financial advice.

According to Biblical prophecy the final days leading up to the Lord’s return will be seen by economic, military and religious upheaval.  Many will be deceived worshiping a false “god” and we will see economic and military changes aligning the world against Jesus Christ.

Today, we’re joined by monthly guest, Doug Wakefield of Best Minds, Inc. What is affecting the world financial markets and the devaluing of currencies, and why should Christians care?

In our second and third segments, we look at ISIS opening a new front in its caliphate, this time attacking Israel itself, and we discuss a few news stories involving Israel, Syria, and the increase of Christian persecution.



ISIS decimated after 1st direct attack on Israel

Iranian General says Israel will Fall Within 10 Years!

Israeli airstrikes in Syria prelude to Damascus attack?

Mere rumors lead to sad reality for Christian Copts