Jay Seegert

The Starting Point Project

Jay is the Keynote Speaker and Managing Director for The Starting Point Project. Over the past 29 years, Jay has spoken in numerous churches, conferences, secular schools, Christian schools, universities and various other venues, with audiences ranging from 50 to over 5,000. Learn more


Have you ever walked into a room where people were watching a great movie and you try to bring yourself up to speed, only to get frustrated because the plot isn’t making sense?  Everyone else raves about the movie but you are left with an empty feeling and you just don’t quite understand what all the excitement is about.

Sadly, a similar scenario is playing out in much of Christianity.  As we again celebrate Christmas, too many Christians come in at the “middle of the story” (the birth of Jesus), missing out on the story line and feeling somewhat empty.  They do not understand the amazing story of creation, the fall of man and God’s attempt at reconciling man to Him.  The richness of the gospel is relegated to a single event rather than an amazing testimony to God’s holiness, justice, reconciliation and love.

Jay Seegert of The Starting Point Project joins us this morning to discuss the importance of not just coming in during the middle of the Christmas story, and how we miss out on so much when we do.

During the program, Jay takes us through some condensed history including:

Creation, the Flood, Tower of Babel, Abraham, Ishmael/Isaac, Jacob/Esau, Joseph, Slavery, Moses, Promised Land, Kings, the Fall of the N. and S. Kingdoms, and Return to Jerusalem, the 400 Silent Years, and the Birth of Jesus Christ.