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Doug Wakefield

President, Best Minds Inc

Doug has been in the financial industry for 29 years. The focus since 2005 has been on providing investment research and weekly commentary on world markets as well as specific recommendations on third party trading managers. Doug writes the monthly research newsletter, The Investor's Mind.

Note: Broad based financial planning is not a service of Best Minds Inc. Any information shared on today's program is opinion and should not be taken as financial advice.

While there are many Christian Churches in America standing firmly on and teaching the full counsel of God’s Word, many are also conforming to the ways of this world. In their misguided zeal for “church growth” some churches look more like carnivals than houses of worship–literally. This morning we look at what a couple of mega churches in our nation are up to on the “entertainment front”.

In our first segment today, we check in with Doug Wakefield of Best Minds, Inc. to look at world economic trends in light of the Bible’s teaching on money.  Also, why suddenly, after claiming to do so much good for poor people has the Clinton Foundation decided to close its doors?



Clinton Foundation Shuts Down Global Initiative Due to Decrease in Foreign Donors Paying to Play

Clintons Shutter Global Initiative as Donations Dry Up

In case you missed these stories during Christmas:

Texas Megachurch Turns Christmas Production Into Circus – Literally

Hillsong’s Naked Cowboy Appears as Half-Naked Santa at Christmas Tropical Party