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Daniel Weiss

Founder & President, The Brushfires Foundation

Daniel founded The Brushfires Foundation after more than a decade of addressing pornography, addiction, public policy and sexual wholeness with Focus on the Family, Prison Fellowship Ministries and Reclaim Our Culture Kentuckiana. Realizing that sexual breakdown at the personal and societal level is tied to spiritual emptiness, Daniel hopes to renew the Christian vision of the whole person and help people apply this vision to their daily lives.

Daniel is married with five children and lives in Wisconsin.

Today, Donald J. Trump is sworn in as the next President of the United States.  More than 70 Democratic congressmen are boycotting the inauguration; thousands of progressives are demonstrating in Washington; and the mainstream press is fueling the delusion that he is not qualified and only won the election because of “Russian interference.”

Many conservatives are confident Trump will turn things around quickly; and some Christian leaders are insisting that “God weighed in” leading to Trump’s election.  Never before has a President inherited such a mess with such fervent opposition on the one side, and unbridled optimism and expectations on the other side.  Is President Trump set up to fail?  We’ll explore that possibility this morning.

In our first segment we are joined by Daniel Weiss of Brushfires Foundation, an organization calling on and equipping Christian churches to educate the public on the crucial biblical and social issues of our times such as marriage, pornography, sex-trafficking, abortion and euthanasia.

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