Julaine Appling

President, Wisconsin Family Action & Wisconsin Family Council

Founded in 2006, Wisconsin Family Action exists to inform Wisconsin citizens about pro-family legislative and cultural issues, involve Wisconsin citizens in activities that strengthen the family, prepare Wisconsin citizens for elections, as the law provides, and advocate in the state legislature on cultural and legislative issues that affect the family. WFA advances Judeo-Christian principles and values in Wisconsin by strengthening, preserving, and promoting marriage, family, life and liberty.


“What is truth?”  A most fascinating question Pontius Pilate asked Jesus as he considered his judgment of our Messiah.  These days we have millions of “Pilates” running around defining truth from their subjective views and beliefs, dismissing real, eternal and objective truth that only comes from God and His Word.

How do we lovingly dialogue and confront moral relativists who claim truth doesn’t exist?  This morning we read an “Open Letter to a Relativist”– one woman’s response to a moral relativist whose beliefs seem to speak for a growing number of people these days.

We also check in with Julaine Appling of Wisconsin Family Action to discuss realistic legislation that can be enacted to curtail, and perhaps one day, end the tragedy of abortion in our nation.  Can abortion eventually be eliminated?  Or do we have to settle for incremental victories from time to time?

The liberal, pro-abortion media refuses to mention any of this in detail… will you? How do we get our pastors to talk about life in the womb? Is YOUR church raising awareness about this from the pulpit and if not, why not?

A bit on the Senate report on Planned Parenthood:

The law is very, very clear – it is illegal to make any profit from the body parts of fetuses or indeed any body parts of any human. But the documents subpoenaed from Planned Parenthood and related companies show how the law was completely and willfully ignored.

This was a huge and very, very profitable business.

The report is a window into a very strange and very chilling world of selling baby parts. And in this very creepy world nothing goes to waste.

Matching up documents and invoices the Committee found just how one $15 an hour “technician” spent an hour of his time in early summer 2014.

“For Example on one day in June 2014, the ABR technician obtained a 20 week old fetes at a [Planned Parenthood] clinic. From that one fetus, ABR sold its brain to one customer for $325; both of its eyes for $325 each ($650 total) to a second customer, a portion of its liver for $325 to a third customer; its thymus and for $325 and another portion of liver to a fourth customer; and its lung for $325 to a fifth customer. These fees are merely the service fees for the specimens themselves; ABR separately charged each customer for shipping, disease, screening, cleaning and freezing, as applicable. So from that single fetus for which ABR paid a mere $60, ABR charged its customers a total of $2,275 for tissue specimens, plus additional charges for shipping and disease screening.”



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In the second half of today’s program:

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