Jesus rebuked the teachers of His time for several reasons; one was their hypocrisy and another was that they often taught their own traditions instead of teaching doctrines from Scripture.  They added things on to God’s law so frequently that Jesus often mad a point of asking them, “Have you not read…?”

Adding to God’s Word, or replacing biblical doctrine with human doctrine is dangerous. This can and does lead many astray.  In our second segment today, we discuss this important issue in Mike LeMay’s biblical teaching commentary.

At the top of today’s program, David Fiorazo takes us through our weekly “Media Watch” segment, exposing double standards and helping us uncover the deception and hidden agenda in today’s secular news.

One of the biggest and most tragic abuses of the complicit liberal, pro-abortion media is how they report on the issue of life.

“If somehow you need a reminder as to how scummy and vile our news media actually is, all you have to do is look at how they treat the March For Life.

The March For Life is the largest annual human rights demonstration in the history of the world. It attracts hundreds of thousands of people in the dead of winter every year. Every. Single. Year. And they are marching right through the heart of DC, literally where the media lives, speaking out about one of the most divisive and contentious issues of our time. To call that “newsworthy” is a considerable understatement.

But the media goes into almost complete blackout mode. They either ignore it entirely or report on it briefly, as an aside, while blatantly lying about the number of people in attendance. The media is so terrified of the March For Life, and harbors such utter disdain for the point of view it represents, that they cannot even bring themselves to refer to it by its name. As you can see in the example below, they will only call it “the anti-abortion march.”

This has all been put into even starker contrast in 2017 because it just so happens that the week before there will be a pro-abortion “Women’s March” on Washington. Even though this march will have a significantly smaller turnout, the media has been reporting about it ad naseum. One can only imagine how much it will dominate the coverage on the actual day. And, as you can see, the very same newspapers that refuse to refer to the March For Life by name have no problem calling the pro-abortion march by its official (and misleading) title.

These people are liars and moral cowards. They deserve all of the contempt Trump shows them, and then some. And if you ever begin to doubt that, just turn on your TV on January 27, the day of the March For Life, and notice what they’re saying about the largest political demonstration of the year: nothing.” Matt Walsh


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