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Mark Taylor

President, Sky High Broadcasting & Radio Host Mark is President of Sky High Broadcasting and GM of KNEO Radio He also hosts Crosspoint.

Progressives in America have had one of their own in power for the last eight years, but that changed with the 2016 election. President Donald Trump and the newly elected Congress have pledged to roll back many of the progressive policies of the Obama administration. But do not expect liberal Democrats to just sit back and let that happen.  They have passion and they’re committed.

They also have the benefit of a corrupt, biased media on their side to help destroy the Trump administration in part by twisting facts and continuing to continue to push the agenda of big, godless, secular government.

This morning we discuss an article from conservative columnist Dennis Prager, outlining the fundamental differences in the values and beliefs of progressives and conservatives. Left vs. Right in a nutshell.

In our first segment we introduce you to Mark Taylor, General manager of KNEO radio in Missouri, a Christian talk show host with a passion for evangelism.  Mark will discuss why Christians seem hesitant to share the gospel more frequently.



A Guide to Basic Differences Between the Left and Right – Dennis Prager