Julaine Appling

President, Wisconsin Family Action & Wisconsin Family Council

Founded in 2006, Wisconsin Family Action exists to inform Wisconsin citizens about pro-family legislative and cultural issues, involve Wisconsin citizens in activities that strengthen the family, prepare Wisconsin citizens for elections, as the law provides, and advocate in the state legislature on cultural and legislative issues that affect the family. WFA advances Judeo-Christian principles and values in Wisconsin by strengthening, preserving, and promoting marriage, family, life and liberty.


TODAY’S SHOW OPEN: If you have never read the late Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals it is worth the time to at least skim through to understand what is happening in our nation, and even within the institutional Christian Church.  Alinsky provided a play book to destroy America and the Judeo-Christian ethic she was established upon.

His book was recommended reading to public school teachers by their Leftist union, the National Education Association, and it is a handbook for Marxist socialists as well as professing Christians like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Jim Wallis.  If Alinsky were alive today even he might be shocked by how his book, dedicated to Lucifer, became the “progressive bible” to those who despise the country.

Today we discuss the continuing emotional meltdown of the far left, proven by their reaction to Donald Trump’s election, his early policies, and Supreme Court Justice nominee, Neil Gorsuch. Also, last night, hate filled riots broke out at California Berkeley where they violently protested against a conservative speaker who happens to be a homosexual, calling him a bigot and homophobe!

Julaine Appling of Wisconsin Family Action joins us to give her perspective on all this and the promising possibility of serious pro-life legislation being enacted in the coming years.

We ended today’s program with Joshua 24:14-15.

“Now, therefore, fear the Lord and serve Him in sincerity and truth; and put away the gods which your fathers served beyond the River and in Egypt, and serve the Lord. If it is disagreeable in your sight to serve the Lord, choose for yourselves today whom you will serve: whether the gods which your fathers served which were beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you are living; but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”



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If you missed it, here is a revised transcript of Mike’s commentary on the Cal Berkely riots, the hypocrisy of the Left, public education, Marxism in America as well as Wisconsin, and his concerns about where we are heading (and how rapidly) as a nation and as a church.


The Left Has Lost It – and it Looks Bad for America:

Milo Yiannopoulos, and editor for Breitbart News was scheduled to speak to conservative students at California Berkeley last night when radical left wing students organized a protest by rioting, setting vehicles on fire, and throwing paint and fire bombs at the building the speaker was in. Signs read:

  • Gays and Transgenders are people and have rights.
  • Milo go back home to Europe—you are not welcome.
  • Shut him up!
  • Hatred not welcome here!

So let’s get this straight: radical left wing students and plenty of snowflakes were carrying signs against homophobic attitudes toward gays, telling an open homosexual and legal immigrant he is not welcome, yelling that he has no right to speak at their campus, and that hatred is not welcome at their university; violently protesting the free speech and tolerance they claim to cherish.

Progressives claim to be beacons of reason and “love,” but their actions prove they are liars.

  • They only tolerate people who believe exactly what they believe.
  • They are the most hate-filled, violent, intolerant people anywhere.
  • And they are so depraved in their thinking and so immersed in contradictions that they turn against the very people they claim to represent if that person doesn’t tow the entire liberal line.

Because Yiannopoulos is a conservative and supports Donald Trump, he is the target of hatred and bigotry.  The far left is so entrenched in hypocrisy they seem to actually suffer from mental illness.

Also, where were the police to protect the speaker and those in attendance?  Reportedly, local police were told by California Berkeley officials that they should not attend—that the University would handle security.  Video shows campus security just stood back and watched these crazy left wing students set fires, destroy vehicles, and defacing public property!

Students thrilled to be part of it all walked around taking selfies with burning vehicles in the background and waving to TV cameras.  I wonder if any parents back home (remember, they sent their kid to Berkely) saw their little snowflakes doing this on television and if they would approve?


President Trump promised to “drain the swamp” in Washington.  The first place he could start is with the Department of Education!  We need dramatic change in how public education is handled.

  • Students are being indoctrinated into Marxist Humanism and a hatred of America.
  • They are amassing a ton of debt, often getting degrees that are useless in helping them get a good paying job.
  • They have been instilled with anti-Christian values and a sense of entitlement.
  • Many will turn out to be nothing more than professional bums—or work in low paying jobs because they have no common sense or ability to treat other people with the same respect and tolerance they demand of others.

This is not education—this is indoctrination—and Saul Alinsky would be proud!

Has one Democratic politician spoken up and condemned this violence?  No, and in fact Obama has encouraged it, even up through yesterday saying he is “heartened” by the pushback. Have they condemned this treatment of a homosexual and an immigrant?  NO.  Because the progressive left in this nation is the greatest example of hypocrisy and bigotry you will find anywhere.

I AM VERY CONCERNED FOR WHERE OUR NATION IS HEADED.  Young people are being lied to and these are the people that will soon be leading our nation.

And if you take the time to read Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals—a book he dedicated to Lucifer—you will see that a cornerstone of the success he envisioned was the infiltration of the church and the neutralizing of biblical Christian thought.

Our nation could be in the early stages of major riots and chaos like we have never seen.  CHRISTIANS, while we love this nation and should do all we can including prayer to return to our Christian roots—we need to focus on what is eternally important—the gospel that can save the eternal souls of men.

We need to teach church members the truth about creation, abortion, marriage and equip members to discern truth from clever deception.

The reason this show, Stand Up for the Truth began was because a Christian organization called Lifest brought in the extreme leftist and political idealogue, Jim Wallis, of Sojourners to be the keynote speaker to Christian youth seven years ago and we stood up and said “not on our watch!” (See Q90 FM statement here) For an extensive profile on Discover the Networks, go here.

We were called dividers and haters for doing the right thing.  We warned pastors and Christians about the dangerous anti-biblical teachings and agendas of people like Jim Wallis.  Here is a disciple of Saul Alinsky—a man who wrote a book dedicated to Lucifer preaching an overthrow of our government and the Christian Church—being welcomed and praised and allowed to speak to our impressionable Christian youth.

America is reaping the seeds we have sewn through public education for the past fifty years.  We have raised a generation of youth, many of whom are dedicated Marxists and Humanists; and many of whom we have failed as Christian leaders to disciple and teach the Bible to, including basic right from wrong.

I actually don’t blame these young people—they are only following our example or living in a manner we allow.  The children are rebelling against their parents, our nation and God Himself—and the big picture could get a whole lot uglier very soon.”

Mike LeMay, Stand Up for the Truth


What is Mike talking about? Here are some of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals