The Truth about American Christianity & Islam

by | May 19, 2017 | Christianity, Church Leadership, Evangelism, Media Bias, Middle East, Podcast, President Trump, Religious Freedom

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Elijah Abraham

Living Oasis Ministries Elijah offers a unique perspective on the nature of Islam. He was born and raised as a Muslim in Iraq, but converted to Christianity and started Living Oasis Ministries, an organization devoted to teaching American churches about Islam and the best means for reaching out to Muslims with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Living Oasis Ministries is called to equip the saints in the U.S. and around the world to reach Muslims for Christ, to proclaim the Word of God to those who do not know Him through preaching and teaching the Word of God, and to help the global Church challenge Islam with the gospel through apologetics.

Today’s guest is Elijah Abraham of Living Oasis Ministries. We discuss the president’s visit to the Middle East and what’s on the table as he meets with Israeli leaders as well and Palestinian Authority leaders. Will America still defend Israel if they are attacked? What about moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem? Does the Trump administration still oppose a two-state solution?

Where Christians and the American church are concerned, too many churches and leaders have backed away from preaching the hard truths of Scripture while many of us struggle with conforming to this world. Since the average believer has not been well equipped to do ministry and accurately handle God’s Word, what are some of the steps we can take to be more disciplined in prayer and Bible study so we can be effective and fruitful witnesses for Jesus Christ?

We also discuss the hypocrisy and double standard in the media and Hollywood when it comes to Islam, and how Muslims in Arab nations mistreat women and homosexuals. Why the silence in America? Do the feminists only care about progressive American women? And why aren’t more pastors and church leaders addressing Islam and its unbiblical teachings?