Pastor Carl Gallups

We're joined by Pastor Carl Gallups today as we try to look at today's news from a biblical perspective, and try to see how all that is happening around us fits into God's plan for the world. His latest book is Gods of Ground Zero.

It is very difficult to escape the reality that Satan’s influence is growing by leaps and bounds in the days in which we live.  The rise of Islamic terrorism, a religion clearly defined as a religion of anti-christ in the bible, along with the growing hedonism all around us are clear indications that mankind has decided we do not need God, and we would prefer to do things our way.  And we should not be surprised at what we see because God’s Word warned us all these things would increase in the times leading up to the Lord’s return.

America certainly has enough of its own moral and spiritual problems, but this morning we focus on events in Europe and worldwide that are preparing the way for the “New World Order” where Satan’s puppet, anti-christ, will be worshiped as the savior of humanity, and most will blindly follow up while turning their backs on the one who died on a cross so we could be reconciled to God.

Pastor Carl Gallups joins us to look at a world lining up to reject God and embrace its true enemy: The one who seeks to destroy the eternal souls of all men.



What is the significance of the replica of the Arch to the Temple of Baal being toured and presented around the world, both politically and spiritually?

London was rocked again with its third major terrorist attack by Islamic terrorists in three months. It ‘multi-culturalism’ and open borders beginning to to throw England and Europe into chaos?

The same tired rhetoric without action coming from European leaders after this latest attack: “We have to stand up against extremism… but no strong measures are ever enacted.”

Is the United States shielded from significant numbers of terror attacks? Could we see an increase? Should we be fearing all these events or seeing them as a sign of Jesus’ soon return?

Meanwhile here in America, many people feel the professing Christian Church is sliding away from God’s Word and getting sucked in to political correctness and relative truth and morality…