This morning on Stand Up For the Truth we read your comments and answer your questions from this week. One central theme is discernment issues within Christianity. Are we using proper biblical discernment or engaging in prideful witch hunts, looking to discredit others with whom we disagree?  Also, several have chimed in regarding young people seeking “community” outside the confines of church. We discuss these and other important topics of interest.

First up, David covers our weekly Media Watch segment and easily answers this question:  Why does secular media dedicate so much time to covering issues Americans say they don’t care about?



Ron: Good show on the 8 controversial issues within the church.  I think there is one more that is growing and is very dangerous…the recognition of Islam as an “Abrahamic faith”.  This is being taught in more churches and at Christian conferences and will lead people into thinking Allah and God are the same.

TimI have a question for you to discuss on your Friday show. The question is: If two national teachers say things that are opposite then one is truth one is false. But where can I find out facts as to which is which.  Scott Clarke is all over YouTube telling about September 23, 2017 where the woman of Revelation 12 seems to be in the same configuration as the stars. Scott says this is the first time this has happened in 7000 years. Since he believes in a young earth he implies this is the first time ever or since creation. At the same time, earth states that this configuration happens every 170 years or so.  When I search online 50% agree with one and 50% agree with the other. I cannot find how to find which is true.  My question is one of these guys is right and one is wrong. Which one? They are mutually exclusive. How do I find truth?

Robert:  Your comments the other day about solid Christian parents doing all the right things in raising their children only to hear their children later ‘come out’ as transgender or homosexual is all too accurate.  I know several Christian couples this has happened to and they are heart broken over watching their children stray from the Christian faith.

Megan:  Mr. Lemay I am 16 and I and a lot of my friends enjoy your show.  On your discussion about Millenials I think I can say this…we feel like everyone is talking at us but not talking with us.  We see problems in the church but when we bring them up we are dismissed.  It would be wonderful if the churches in our area understood that they are at risk of losing an entire generation because our important questions are not being answered.  Have you ever considered organizing a local event where the questions of Christian youth are addressed?  I think a lot of younger Christians would be interested in attending.

Dave:  In reference to the Atheist Church in Denver, face it its Mockery.  The Church stopped evangelizing. We are seeing the results with this generation of church goers. The Church wants to just build community to conform to the 21st century society instead of challenging the 21st century Society. Shame on the Church. I talked to an older pastor the other day and asked why has the Church stopped alter calls and evangelizing? He said that Reform Theology has stopped the Gospel Message, especially the younger Christian (20-30 group). Skepticism of the Traditional Christian Church is what brings them together. We as Bible Believing Christians know that the church needs to preach the Gospel message and challenge this generation. The problem is that the church has for decades started preaching only God’s love. And that has become distorted.

Allen:  All of this infighting closeted as “discernment” is what is hampering the church from reaching young people and the lost.  They see us fighting and since they value unity above everything, they want nothing to do with the church.

Kim:  The Church in America seems to be in a lot of confusion about discernment.  One faction attacks anyone they disagree with no matter the issue.  The world sees this and wants nothing to do with a church that viciously attacks its own on any minor disagreement.  On the other side are the professing Christians who just accept all opinions or teachings as equally valid, using no biblical discernment at all.  They just accept the heresies and the men who teach them.  So the legalists attack anyone they disagree with; and the Emergents accept all opinions as equally valid and “truth”…and in the meantime the church sinks into confusion and ineffectiveness.  We are a mess indeed.

Beth:  Any time a Christian these days dares to question something presented as “Christian” they are labeled as troublemakers.   Jesus and Paul continually spoke out against false teachers—and Paul even named names on occasion.  I do agree that too often we fight on issues we shouldn’t…but that doesn’t mean we should stop holding false teachers accountable.   Paul makes this very clear in the Book of Jude and other letters.

Gerald:  I enjoyed your comments about how the world has made everything about “politics” leading people to believe issues like abortion and marriage are political rather than moral and spiritual.  I do think conservative Christians have wrongly at times “hitched their wagons” to the Republican Party, and often make issues that are truly political into spiritual issues.  You mentioned taxes the other day…Jesus clearly showed it is not a spiritual issue by telling the Pharisees to give Caesar the taxes he asked for.   Church leaders should clearly speak out on spiritual issues that have entered the political realm and advise those they lead on the stances of politicians in those areas.  To not do so is a dereliction of their responsibilities as a pastor.

Paul:  Good discussion on the 8 issues that create controversy within the church.  The one about the occasional drinking of wine or alcohol always baffles me.  Jesus said The Pharisees accused John the Baptist of having a demon because he didn’t drink…yet accused Jesus of having a demon because He did drink.   (Matthew 11:16-19)

Regina:  Enjoy your show and like David’s Media watch segments.  So much deception out there and we are being taught what to think all the time by media.  Question:  Where do you guys go for news?  (Top Links for Christian Conservatives)

Micah:  Enjoy your discussions on how Christians should wither confront one another or not confront.  I am reading Romans Chapter 14 and Paul says a lot about not judging another of God’s servants…but in other letters he clearly judges the fruits of others claiming to be believers.  How do we reconcile what seems to be contradictory messages from Paul?

Susan:  I am a public school teacher and a committed Christian.  I appreciate that you remind people that there are strong believers working within the education system to try to do the Lord’s work.  Sometimes I feel Christians automatically lump me in as “part of the problem” instead of someone working to be light in a dark place.  Thank you for your balance on this issue.



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