Julaine Appling

President, Wisconsin Family Action & Wisconsin Family Council

Founded in 2006, Wisconsin Family Action exists to inform Wisconsin citizens about pro-family legislative and cultural issues, involve Wisconsin citizens in activities that strengthen the family, prepare Wisconsin citizens for elections, as the law provides, and advocate in the state legislature on cultural and legislative issues that affect the family. WFA advances Judeo-Christian principles and values in Wisconsin by strengthening, preserving, and promoting marriage, family, life and liberty.


Take some time to watch what passes as Christian preaching on television and there is a good chance you will hear about the idea that the faith you have and the words you speak are keys to health, wealth, and prosperity. Is this all Jesus meant by an abundant life? One would think by now Christians would be multi-billionaires living in perfect health to the age of 200.  But in fairness there are some who seem to be benefiting in a huge way from all this prosperity preaching. We will give you real life examples of a small number of people who are amassing huge wealth from the prosperity preaching so rampant throughout our nation.

In our first segment we visit with Julaine Appling of Wisconsin Family Council.  We discuss a recent court victory for freedom of speech and religious conviction right in the heart of Madison. She also shares details thoughts on the recent news of embryo manipulation challenging the ethics of the scientific community.



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