Pastor Carl Gallups

We're joined by Pastor Carl Gallups today as we try to look at today's news from a biblical perspective, and try to see how all that is happening around us fits into God's plan for the world. His latest book is Gods of Ground Zero.

Photo credit: MikeSpeaks via / CC BY

Today, we discuss two more alarming stories about how mankind is flirting with disaster, thinking we we know better than God how things should be. First, a professing Christian pastor and his wife have been helping their child “transition” gender since age 2 so he could “be who God created her to be.” In another news story, Scientists are tampering with human embryos to develop “designer babies.”  But could this technology also be used as a weapon of mass destruction as some are warning?

Our guest today is author and pastor Carl Gallups and in the first two segments, we discuss the end times and look at concerning world events.  Iran and North Korea seem to be thumbing their noses at America and the world. What about the possibility of an EMP attack? Are we preparing ourselves emotionally and spiritually for what may lie ahead?



Scientists are Tampering with Human Embryos – Will This Lead to Designer Babies?

Pastor and Wife Allowed Transgender Child to Transition at Age 2