They are one of the largest producers of Christian music in the world.  Frequently they will have more than one song on the Top 40 Christian charts and they are heard on almost every Christian Radio Station in the country, except this one–and for very good reason. Along with their popular worship music, Hillsong, a mega church based in Australia, carries a lot of baggage.

They have become a hyper-charasmatic, word of faith church, and their American church’s pastor, Carl Lentz, is seen as a theological lightweight, continually compromising the Word of God for entertainment, church growth and his “hipster” image.  He loves hanging around with celebrities and he was recently seen at a bar with his latest celebrity “convert,” Justin Bieber, drinking shots and singing lyrics to secular songs few Christian parents would let their child hear.

This morning we cover the strange relationship of Hillsong’s pastor Carl Lentz and Justin Bieber and ask who is influencing who?

In our first segment we discuss the doctrine of heaven and hell with Pastor Mike Abendroth and how it is widely dismissed by many leaders in the church. How is this affecting evangelism and discipleship in the church?