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Dave Wager

President, Silver Birch Ranch & Nicolet Bible Institute

Dave’s goal in life is to continually know Christ and make Him known. Check out The Omega Force blog.


Photo credit: phill.lister via Visual hunt / CC BY

The enemy of our souls has many weapons to distract us in our journey as Christians.  Perhaps none is more effective than leading us to believe that we deserve something more from God, that salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ is not enough. Somehow God also “owes us” happiness, wealth, great relationships, and a stress free life.

The “Entitlement Mentality” rampant in our nation is destroying us economically, socially, and spiritually.  Many young people are demanding free college, free health care, and full acceptance of their beliefs and values even though they contradict the Word of God.  The path to success through hard work and sacrifice has been replaced with the idea that the world and others owe us something just because we exist.

Christians are not immune to this entitlement mentality either.  It’s not enough that God has rescued us from eternal damnation through the sacrifice of His Son;  and rather than understanding our indebtedness to God for His grace and forgiveness, we assume that God should give us something more.  The apostle Paul called himself a slave to Christ; many professing Christians look at God as a “slave” to our earthly desires.

Dave Wager of Silver Birch Ranch and Nicolet Bible Institute joins us to discuss the dangers of the entitlement mentality, to both our nation and to the Christian Church.