On Fridays, in addition to our Media Watch segment with David, we answer your questions and read your comments from the week.  Some of the topics that Stand Up for the Truth listeners are asking about this week include…

The “Hebrew Roots Movement”

Is war justified by the Bible?

“Christ at the Checkpoint” movement

The Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit

The growth of the Home Church movement

Should Christians give up on politics?

Youth and their anger about Christian hypocrisy

Straightway Truth and Pastor Charles Dowell


Join us for a lively discussion as we use the Bible to put the news and events of the day into proper perspective.



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On Charlie Rose: America Founded By ‘Cult of Religious Nuts’

College student gets 100 days in slammer for registering dead voters for Dems

Record 153,513,000 Employed in July; 62.9% Labor Force Participation

Google engineer says the company is intolerant of different viewpoints. So they fired him.

NYT story a ‘laughable’ jab at VP Pence