The City of De Pere, Wisconsin–where our radio station resides–is proposing an “anti-discrimination” mandate that would openly challenge and threaten Christian churches, ministries and businesses, mandating that they accommodate people who are confused about their gender.  It strictly prohibits any place of public accommodation from “denying directly or indirectly any person the full enjoyment of goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages and accommodations wholly or partly for a discriminatory reason.”

This language is so broad that it will no doubt be used to force people of religious conscience to serve and even hire people who openly live a lifestyle contradictory to the Bible’s teachings.  And if you do not think this would be a foot in the door to eventually force churches to hire homosexuals and transgenders and perform same-sex wedding ceremonies, I have a bridge I would like to sell you.

This is not just about bathrooms.  It is about the government opening the door for business owners and religious organizations to accommodate, include, serve and hire people who oppose and hate God and Christianity.  When that happens, we cease to be a unique people called by God to be sanctified and stand out in a world full of sin.

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