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William Murray

William J. Murray is the chairman of the Religious Freedom Coalition in Washington, DC. For more than three decades Murray has been at the forefront of social conservatism. During the early 1980’s he served as director of Freedom’s Friends, an organization which reached out to the victims of communism worldwide. In the 1990’s he founded the first commercial Bible publishing company in the Soviet Union. For many years his organizations operated evangelistic tours to the Soviet Union for Christians.

Author of Utopian Road to Hell: Enslaving America and the World with Central Planning.

From his office in Washington, DC, William J. Murray continues to work for the rights of Christians in America and persecuted Christians around the world. Under his guidance the Religious Freedom Coalition assists Christian refugees from Iraq and Syria as well as Palestinian Christian families and Christian schools in the West Bank. He has traveled to the Middle East and Africa numerous times. Murray has been a part of fact finding mission in such areas as Kosovo, Sudan, Morocco, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and China.

William J. Murray has appeared on ABC, CBS, CNN, and NBC Nightly News as well as various Fox News programs. He is a regular guest on numerous radio talk shows. Murray also speaks at numerous conferences and church events each year. He is the author of seven books including his best selling autobiography, My Life Without God, detailed his childhood in the dysfunctional home of atheist/Marxist leader Madalyn Murray O’Hair.

In our final two segments this morning, we share our thoughts on the tragic mass murder at a Las Vegas concert- 50 killed and over 400 wounded in what is now the deadliest shooting attack carried out on American soil.

We will also discuss a Minnesota couple being sued and punished by the state of Minnesota because of their Christian values and beliefs.  And we ask the question “Has America gone beyond the point of redemption in God’s eyes?”

In our first segment we are joined by William Murray of The Religious Freedom Coalition.  William’s mother used him as a young boy to get prayer thrown out of public schools, and we get William’s perspective on the Marxist movement perhaps disguised as democratic socialism?

“Democracy is not a form of government. It is simply a form of picking leaders.” William Murray



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