John Loeffler

Steel On Steel Radio

John is a fifty year veteran of broadcast journalism and born-again follower of Jesus Christ.  John is in his 25th year of hosting Steel On Steel Radio -- a news talk program that looks at today's events through the lens of the Bible.

There has been a slow and subtle shift over the past few decades regarding how Americans think and discern truth from deception.  Supported by public education and a media bent on telling us what they think we need to know, more and more Americans act like lemmings perfectly willing to follow the “Pied Piper” right over the cliff to self-destruction.

Our nation has become one lacking in biblical morals and principles, caving in to political correctness at every turn.  Homosexuality and transgenderism is now acceptable to a majority of  Americans along with an increasing number of professing Christians as the Bible is increasingly accused of being antiquated writings of man instead of the inspired Word of God.

How can we identify the dangers of consensus or group thinking and continue to use rational thought?  John Loeffler joins us to look at how consensus thought has infiltrated our society as well as how we can understand and combat it.


Third Segment

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