Tuesday evening (tomorrow) the De Pere, Wisconsin City Council will consider passing legislation that could have chilling effects and legal ramifications for Christian Churches, businesses and ministries.  The proposed legislation is quite broad regarding protections for transgender individuals when it comes to housing, employment and services provided.

I have heard from a lot of people commenting on this and asking what exactly is in the proposed bill.  We have discussed it with the Wisconsin Family Council and Alliance Defending Freedom; both are warning that it could have very negative effects on churches and Christian business owners who desire to glorify God and stand on His Word.  The proposed bill allows a limited religious exemption regarding housing, but does little to nothing to protect Christian organizations in the areas of employment or choosing what services to provide to those who identify as transgenders.

In our second segment, we share excerpts from the proposed legislation and help you get beyond the public bluster and emotion so you can assess the content and intent of the bill.

In segment three, we discuss the tragic murder of 26 Christians attending a Baptist church in Texas yesterday.

First up, we visit with Bill Adams of Sports Fans Outreach International about their efforts to share the gospel at local and national sporting events – including the upcoming Super Bowl in Minneapolis.



Rolling Out the ‘T’ – and it’s not Tolerance