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Tina Marie Griffin

Nationally Renowned Speaker & Pop Culture Expert

Tina’s mission is about revealing how pop culture is eroding the foundational development of today’s youth and how we can rise above the assault.

For over two decades, former actress and pop culture expert, Tina Griffin has built a reputation as being a leading media expert. She’s traveled globally for the past 12 years to reveal how pop culture and media is glamorizing harmful behaviors without showing the consequences and how these messages are eroding the foundational development of today’s youth. Tina has been sharing her eye-opening pop culture message – Hollywood Exposed – at school assemblies, parent meetings, colleges, leadership conferences, music festivals, camps, cruise ships, church services and other venues. This is a very up-to-date, timely, interactive show, including quotes from celebrities as well as actual interview footage affirming that positive media, friends and choices lead to a successful life.

BREAKING: the City of De Pere, Wisconsin just passed a “non-discrimination” or anti-discrimination bill last night by a 5-4 margin. We have been discussing the potential concerns and dangers of these ordinances, but too many people seem to be arguing from emotion and public opinion rather than from a perspective of truth and fact. The council also did not allow any change to the broad language regarding religious exemptions.

UPDATE: You can watch video of Tuesday’s Common Council meeting here

Don’t miss our second segment today – Mike shares his observations from last night’s meeting with insights as to exactly what transpired as well as the potential effects this could have not only on Christian churches and ministries, but on the average small business. We discuss how arguments were worded on both sides, and whose was most effective.

Interestingly, the proposed transgender protection bill was introduced by the newest, youngest council member (just elected in April), Alderman Casey Nelson and sadly, the mayor of DePere cast the deciding vote to push the agenda through. Julaine Appling of Wisconsin Family Council again warned Wisconsin residents about the dangers of these bills:

In states like Wisconsin where those pushing this dangerous and unconstitutional agenda know they can’t advance their cause through state law because of the makeup of the state legislature, they are turning to local municipalities. And sadly, there they are finding significant success.

The LGBTQ crowd—the acronym for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and questioning—has gotten very good at getting their people elected to local office.

Once they get them there, then they have them introduce their policy that they claim is about “anti-discrimination.” By using terms such as fair, tolerance, bigotry, and discrimination, they convince other council members to join them. Often there is a sympathetic or weak mayor involved as well.

In our first segment, we catch up with Tina Marie Griffin, Counter Culture Mom, as we look at several concerning items: raunchy “suggested reading” in public schools, successful Christian and family-friendly movies, Hollywood’s porn and sexual perversion problem, and how to protect your children from “soul pollution.”

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