Today, we begin the program with an update on the debate over the so-called “anti-discrimination” bill passed by the De Pere, Wisconsin City Council this week.  The battle is not over — it has just begun! And Stand Up for the Truth is taking an active role in gathering local ministry support, raising awareness of the issue, and investigating legal options.

Fridays are for listener’s comments and questions, and we have another packed program with excellent input and feedback. We address your comments on a variety of issues ranging from the De Pere City Council action, to Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz and his apparent abortion/sin flip-flop, to how the liberal press and education are using deception to promote their agenda.



In the time of Noah things like this was happening, why do you think God had to bring the flood? – Sheila

This is government takeover and people just stand by with your finger up your nose and let it happen. Your going to reap what you sow. – Marjorie

They walk in darkness and are led by their master, Lucifer. Soon they will be destroyed. God will not tolerate evil! – Eric

Do the Christians from The City of De Pere, Wisconsin do anything about it? “Ask and I will give you nations”?! – Magda

Isn’t this the way the Revelation must go in order for Jesus Christ to return and make the world right before God? If it is, then why get so upset; be joyous that the Revelation is coming true…we are ruled by God not the world. – Michael

My starting point for truth says God created male and female distinct from one another, that is the #1 reason I don’t believe in this referendum. Also, I don’t see a discrimination issue in the city of De Pere that would call for a referendum to protect a small percent of people who may live here. I believe it is because of this referendum it will become an issue. That is why I do not believe it is necessary, I also believe the city council may be afraid of the backlash for not passing it. Excluding the alderman who created it. – Justin

Great information – we all should be aware of our local affairs and be in prayer. God is still on the throne but that shouldn’t give us an excuse not to share the truth. – Mickey

I think that actual women need protection from mentally ill men in dresses demanding access to their private spaces. – Amber

De Pere is very small, wonder why they did this. – Lance

I do not believe one person should have stronger protection rights, over any other person. – Pam

While I feel we must fight the good fight while it is still legal and we are able to do so, I do find two things curious: the first is that tolerance seems to be given to every people group except Christians; the second is that while we must stand for truth, we must also rest in the knowledge that all of this has been prophesied and it is the fulfillment of a world turning ever so rapidly toward a one world religion, with a one world leader, yet many Christians seem in such a panic about it all. Where is our trust in the Sovereign God who does, in fact, still occupy His throne, and whose return grows more imminent by the moment? – Kathi

Why do they need protecting? They want to be equals, then take the crap of life as it comes. – Michael

I am so sick and tired of these emotionally-driven, morally bankrupt heathens drafting and implementing such disturbing laws. Honestly, a “transgender” isn’t anything above or beyond a person attempting to trick themselves AND everyone else that they’re the opposite sex than what their biology expresses. I mean, this is a very serious, and very concerning mental health issue, and the Mayor of DePere believes these people with a mental disease, should be “protected” and paraded. In this scenario, I’d have to question who has the worst psychological issues–the ones who voted for the ordinance to pass, or the people who are trying to trick themselves and others that they’re an opposite sex in which their biology expresses. – Randy

I’m sure the few members of the council had made their minds up regardless of what you were going to say. – Jason

It truly confuses me as to how this passed considering the people there that supported the conservative Evangelical stance on this, then again, it was pretty obvious the true Christians were not considered and once again, our Lord was shoved out. It is not a complex issue, it is not a human issue, it is an issue of our sad society and Our Lord and Savior is no longer held in highest esteem as He is to be! I take great refuge in knowing that in the end, GOD WINS!! And I don’t care what is done to me I STAND FOR THE LORD!! Come Lord Jesus!!! They will be done on earth as it is in Heaven! – DeAnn



I think it may be constructive to talk about how he should have handled it. The way that it is being played off is that he did not want to shame women who have had abortions in the past and keep them from coming to Christ. Fair enough. However, the way he handled it may have encouraged women who were thinking about having abortions into going through with it. He could have said immediately that yes, abortion is a sin. However, those who have had them can come to Jesus for forgiveness once they confess that it was a sin and repent from trying to justify their sin. Thirdly, he should have admonished women not to have abortions. Lastly, he could have admonished the church to get involved in helping the women. – Andy

Those who’re COWARDS, DOUBLE-MINDED, PEOPLE-PLEASERS and LOVERS OF THE WORLD, aren’t genuine followers of Christ! Therefore, what Carl Lentz is doing is nothing new and has been doing so unfortunately for too long. For over 2 years, I’ve had personal conversations with this man over the phone regarding his dangerous doctrine and refusal to call sin, sin and abomination, abomination when asked by others when interviewed like The View and The Breakfast Club to no avail. I have tried to give him the benefit of the doubt and exercise patience with him, but his intentions aren’t to make known the will of God to men by boldly declaring His word, but to declare his own opinion. Nothing is worse in my opinion than to see those who claim to represent God and His gospel, to willfully misrepresent it and to throw those who boldly and unashamedly represent it under the bus. – Saiko Woods

People almost always say what they really mean with the first words they speak in any given situation. Anything after that is ‘damage control.’ – Priscilla

He is a coward. If he wants to change his statement he needs to go back on The View and change his statement. – Annie

I didnt know your station didn’t play Hillsong music anymore. I always turned it off when the other stations did. I may need to switch to you all. – Nikki

I admire your station’s stand against Hillsong and Hillsong United. The root of that tree is infected and diseased with worldliness so ALL that branches out from it will only produce infected and diseased fruit. – Richard

Do tell us what the ‘variety of reasons’ are, Mr Lentz? We should not even be having this discussion, shows just how low you/Hillsong is prepared to go. – Julie

What about the pics of him drinking shots with Justin Bieber in Australia in a bar. – Noah

Today’s trend is to stay ambiguous on major issues. This is dangerous. A common response that I get when I challenge followers of men like Carl Lentz and Andy Stanley is that we need to show people “grace” and not judgment. Well what does grace do? Titus 2:11-14… (much longer comment)

Amen and amen!!! And we certainly will be persecuted by fellow “Christians” for calling out false teachers and their false gospel. – Jackie

He says he wants to point people to Jesus. Well, you can’t point people to Jesus unless you are willing to boldly call sin sin. – Melissa

Hey, it’s just like when Joel Osteen publicly said on Larry King that Jesus isn’t the only way to heaven. For these pastors it’s all about business. Jesus and anti abortion are both very bad for business. – Mike

Loving like Jesus loved sometimes requires calling people a devil to their face. – Steve

He is such a coward ! Whatever happened to standing for the truth ! We are NOT ASHAMED OF THE GOSPEL !!!!! We stand for JESUS ! He is a fence sitter, a people pleaser, a carnal apostate perpetuater. No one says condemn those who have had an abortion. – Mimi


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