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But first we take a look at the mounting chaos and confusion in our nation and ask if our nation is on the verge of a total meltdown of morality and common sense.  Our self-proclaimed “One Nation Under God” has become anything but that as radical liberal forces continue to sew seeds of confusion and discontent, and our public schools continue to indoctrinate our children into godless humanism.

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Regina:  I do not understand why so many Christians seem obsessed with the transgender issue.  I am a straight Christian who does not believe that gender can change but I think we seem more intent on fighting their beliefs than in understanding them and loving the sinner.  Am I missing something?

Beatrice:  I am sorry that your organization and city is going through the fight they are with your City leaders over the foolishness of this whole transgender issue.  Please remember Romans 8:28 and God’s promise that He works all things out for the good of those who love Him.  On that note, what good could you see coming out of your fight against this blatant intrusion of government in the lives of religious churches and people of Christian faith?

Nathan:  Mike you alluded to this on air:  that you were in contact with several of the City Council members privately about their position on this ordinance.  What was your overall perception from those that either supported or opposed the legislation?

Linda:  Enough of this nonsense about fighting the transgender movement—we need to get on to the real important issues of loving people and telling them Jesus loves them.   Every moment you or others waste on these issues just feed the perception that Christians are bigots and homophobes…and who would want to belong to a religion that is that?   I am proud that my church is inclusive and that all people are welcome.  We know we are all sinners and we do not act with arrogance or pride.  It is always the fundamentals who cannot stand progress and new knowledge, doubling down on their antiquated view of the Bible.  Times change and the knowledge and compassion of Christians needs to change with the times.

Dick:  Is it just me or does it seem that more and more people are just like “zombies” blindly following authority and believing everything our “smart phones” tell us about morality and right or wrong?  I swear people are getting dumber and dumber as technology takes over.  We are ripe to become slaves to AI, and even the people like Gates and Musk who first pioneered and bank rolled AI now see this.

Simon from England:  Hi Dave and Mike, I thank God for sending you to do the great work of spreading His word. Greetings from Northern England. I am an Anglican (which as you know has its own set of controversies at the moment!) who serves as a verger and server in my church. I see the congregation before me and I cannot help but realize how helpless we would be if someone did decide to attack us. This is not said in a spirit of fear, it’s just a reality. It set me thinking that the pastor, in a country like yours that allows certain people to be legally (and where many others are often illegally) armed, absolutely has a responsibility to protect his flock by having, where necessary, at least some means of defense to any armed attack.

For those who would say that this is counter to Christian teaching, I would only say this:  I’m no great theologian, just a normal bloke but I believe the ‘protection of the innocent when it is necessary’ may be a greater moral imperative than the ‘do no harm at all times’ approach to our faith.  If it was just me in the church when an attacker entered, I personally would not fight – praying that showing Christian love and compassion would have a chance to reach the attacker’s heart, but I don’t have the right to make that choice for everybody else sat there in the pews on a Sunday – nor does the pastor or the church leadership. Their first duty is to the protection of their flock… as was David’s who as a shepherd, protected his sheep from animal attack.

It’s a terribly sad day for us all – Christians and non-Christians alike – that we even have to have this conversation, so let’s stay in prayer for those who would seek to attack others, and always to be respectfully and lovingly reaching out with the good news of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Thanks for all you do, and may God bless the both of you, your families and all at the station.

Ashawn:  This whole controversy over Christians protecting church members is a byproduct of the social justice movement and people like Jim Wallis, Tony Campolo and the so-called “Red Letter Christians”.  Have you ever noticed that they espouse selective biblical morality to advance their political agenda?  We are to help the poor, but not defend their lives if attacked in church; we are to support prison reform for the guilty but do nothing to protect the life of innocent babies in the womb.  American Christianity has been lulled into fake morality by these people as many pastors have been asleep at the switch letting this nonsense permeate the church.  Wake up people…the hypocrisy is evident if you only look for it.

Chrissy:  I am one of those younger people who began to fall away from Christianity once I went off to college.  I was not prepared for the onslaught of lies and deception of evolution and “gender” that our professors and the entire school administration shoved down our throats.  One time I started to write a paper defending the biblical account of creation and was warned by my teacher:  “Feel free to write it if you want to fail this course”.  I was intimidated and starting caving to the pressure.

Thank God I found CRU and started being part of a solid Christian Fellowship at College…they helped me realize the truth of God’s Word and helped bring me back to my faith.  I hope parents and young people start realizing there is a well-orchestrated agenda of lies and anti-biblical deceptions out to pressure young people to walk away from God and embrace the world’s agenda of rebellion against God.

Nathan:  I live in DePere and actually attended the City Council meetings on the transgender debate.  I support their right for the same liberties and protections that everyone else has and think that you and others who fight this are hypocrites because you want your rights as Christians but fight to deny them to those you disagree with.  That is why there is a separation of church and state built in to our government, but you forget that part.  People like you continue to divide our community when we need unity, peace and acceptance of all people.  I doubt you will read this on air because it challenges your beliefs.

William:  To show you just how far public education has sunk into ineptitude and brainwashing, one needs look no further than how liberals shout “separation of church and state”.  They have no idea about what this actually means. Our founding fathers set up this principle to make sure government would never infringe on or attempt to control deeply-held, historic religious beliefs, particularly Judeo-Christian teachings.  But our little dummies use it to argue the reverse, showing they are byproducts of indoctrination and have little to no ability to rationally think on their own any more.  And these people will one day lead our nation…

Scott:  I attended both meetings of the DePere City Council debate on the transgender bill.  Two things stood out to me as quite interesting:  First the number of elderly people supporting this bill…why do you think that is so?  And second the number of people who claimed to be Christians and used this in defense of their views supporting this.  I would be interested in your thoughts about these two observations.  Keep up the good fight and do not let the City intimidate you.

Steve from Indiana:  Maybe someone needs to stand up during one of these transgender “rights” proposals and proclaim that they identify as mayor and that they vote “NO”.  If the transgender person can live in a fantasy and get by with it, why not?

Tonya:  I have a personal question.  I am pursuing a degree in communications and would love to host a talk show like yours one day.  What would you say is the most difficult duty of hosting Stand Up For the Truth?   Is it doing all the research you do or that actual time spent on air, which I can imagine can be very draining and challenging.  Please keep up the good fight and know you two have inspired me in many ways.

Lauren:  When I look at all the battles raging in our nation directly opposing God’s Word and truth I cannot help but think we as the church are deeply responsible for much of it.  Somewhere we lost our focus on sharing the gospel, and helping Christians address the problems and questions of the lost, and started focusing on “church growth”.  The problem with any sort of growth is that when you broaden your base you have to make sure you are accommodating the desires and feelings of a more diverse set of people.  This forces church leaders to be “more accommodating” and make sure they do not challenge or offend members for fear growth and finances will be hurt.

Jeffrey:  What are your thoughts on Christians boycotting businesses that do not promote Christian and family values?  My wife and I were discussing this the other day; I tend to more favor boycotting while she does not.  Also is there a resource where we can find out which businesses are more family and Christian friendly and which to avoid?  Keep up the good fight guys.

Robert:  I am an executive for a large corporation in Illinois and we just received a memo about mandatory training over gender sensitivity issues in the workplace.  I spoke with the person who will be coordinating the training and it includes the requirement to encourage employees who feel confused about their gender identity to come forward and let HR know of their confusion, and identify how they want to be addressed in the future (him, her, whatever).  And here is where it gets really weird:  the HR person also let me know that we need to memorize the list of employees who claim to be gender confused or ‘fluid” and before every conversation with them or meeting they are present at, we need to ask them what gender pronoun they want to be identified by at that particular time.

When I would hear you talk about things like this on air I sometimes wondered if you guys were exaggerating or not, but obviously you were not.  How much crazier can it get?  As a business executive I am being forced more and more to walk on eggshells which decreases my ability to do my job from my employer.  It sometimes makes me wonder if this movement is part of a scheme to actually destroy our nation economically, socially and morally.

Jeannine:  This uncovering of sexual harassment in Hollywood, media and government is sad but fascinating, and OI would like to share a couple observations:  First there is no place for sexual harassment in the workplace, period.  Using a position of power to intimidate or gain sexual favor is disgusting and should never be tolerated.

Second, this has the dangers of going out of control.  I look at the situation of Garrison Keiler who said he hugged a woman who was crying; touched her bare back, immediately withdrew and apologized to her and through email—and she accepted his apology and said she knew he meant no harm…then a couple years later she complains and he is fired.  This could open up a lot of problems for a lot of people.  So every past discretion, whether intentional or not, is now an open season to convict and fire people?

I do feel for men who want to be upright and honoring of women but who are confused by what is or is not appropriate these days.  Do I compliment a woman on her new shoes or dress?  Do I help her with her overcoat?  Do I even open doors for her anymore?  There needs to be firm boundaries and rules in place or it will be open season for any woman who wants to sue her employer.

Eric:  These increasing accusations of sexual harassment have made me reassess if I should stay in youth ministry or not.  I have in the past met privately with young students, and nothing ever happened—but I will not meet privately moving forward.  It only takes one false accusation to ruin a person’s reputation and career—and we are naïve to think there won’t be people looking to do just that for money or favor, or because they hate Christianity.  Also with the Transgender movement these days, I do not think I should even meet privately with a young boy, because you just don’t know what to expect these days.   Things are getting so crazy out there that we feel intimidated away from even helping people for fear of backlash even if we do nothing wrong.  Any guidance you can give me is deeply appreciated.

Gina:  How disgusting finding out that Congressmen were using tax payer dollars to hush up young interns they sexually harassed.  Somehow Washington will make this go away because it could cost many career politicians their careers.  We have truly become a morally bankrupt nation—the price we pay for telling God we can take care of things without him.

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