Although Donald Trump won the last presidential election, polls show that a major factor was the distrust and dislike of Hillary Clinton, and that if Senator Bernie Sanders had been the Democratic nominee, we might now be saying “President Sanders” instead of “President Trump.”  Bernie Sanders, an avowed socialist and proponent of classical Communism, could have easily become the president of the United States and ushered in with him a Congress who thinks the same way.  Just twenty years ago an avowed Communist running for President would have been ignored and laughed off the stage.  But according to recent polling of Democrat voters, Sanders is again their top choice to run against President Trump in 2020.

How can our young people and many in the Democrat Party ignore history and support the brutality of godless Communism over the model of our democratic Republic [under God] and capitalism?  To answer that question, you start by looking at how history is taught in our public education system, and also how the professing Christian Church in America has given a platform to people like Jim Wallis, Tony Campolo, Shane Claiborne and others who profess to be Christians yet pervert the writings of God’s Word to support their humanist agenda. Their teaching is blatant apostasy.

Tied to this modern Communist movement, which has been repackaged as “compassionate,” are the increasing attacks on the religious freedoms of Christians in America. This morning, we focus on this unholy matrimony that is threatening our freedoms and prosperity as a nation.  Due to our education system, many have fallen for the propaganda of rewritten American history. And under the guise of “social justice,” many within the church have turned away from the gospel and truth of the Bible, seeking the ways of fallen man to find peace, prosperity, and unity.


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