Our final show of 2017 features a look at an article by Jan Markell of Olive Tree Views on the Top Bible Prophecy Stories of 2017.  All signs seem to indicate we drawing nearer to the time the Lord will take His Church home as the stage appears set for Jesus’s return to judge the world. We also look to 2018 and discuss some of the challenges and opportunities committed Christians will face.



God is a God of order, not confusion.  But 2017 leaves us more confused as a nation and a church than at any time in our history.


  • Rampant sexual confusion with homosexuals marrying and tens of thousands of people confused about their gender.
  • The continued murder of more than 1 million babies every year.
  • A corporate morality as a nation that makes Sodom and Gomorrah seem tame in comparison.
  • Unprecedented attacks on religious freedoms.
  • Real threats from rogue radical nations like Iran and North Korea—both possibly capable of delivering a devastating attack on our nation that could throw up back 100 years through an EMP Bomb.
  • Washington D.C. in tatters with no statesmanship anymore—just partisan bickering and a desire for power.

The Church:

  • Infiltrated with dangerous theologies taking the focus off God and putting it on ourselves:
  • Word of Faith Movement manipulating poorer people to give to the growing wealth of charlatan preachers.
  • The “Seeker friendly Movement” watering down the message of sin, confession and repentance, replacing it with feelings and comfort.
  • A lack of understanding the lies of Islam and a growth of Chrislam…seeking common ground with a religion of Anti-Christ.
  • A radical “Signs and Wonders” movement appealing to emotion instead of truth. “A wicked and perverse generation always wanting one more sign…”
  • Churches cowering from the important battles we face because they do not want to offend people who tithe.
  • The growth of the unbiblical social justice movement in the church—the very reason this show started 7 years ago.
  • A growing radical “Hebrew Roots Movement” that is infiltrating communities and destroying families.

What do we do as true disciples?

  • We always look to the eternal hope and promises of God.  He will never abandon us when we are faithful to Him and His Word.
  • We commit ourselves to deep study of His Word and prayer…we stop taking the word of every televangelist or lukewarm preacher filling our heads with mushy teaching.
  • We take Bible prophecy seriously.  Don’t become obsessed with it, but study it because it will alert us to what is happening around us.
  • We start to actively fight for the souls of every person we know: family, friends and neighbors.  Our hearts should break when we see people deceived by the lies of the enemy and this world.  We choose to no longer stand silently as people perish for eternity.
  • We start to become active members of the bible-believing and teaching churches we attend.  No more sitting on the sidelines expecting the Pastor and everyone else to carry the burden.

Lastly, we take a step back and realize many have been seduced by a false gospel, so we learn how to clearly speak about spiritual truths such as: man’s sinful nature and our inability to do anything about it on our own, throwing ourselves at the mercy of God through confession of our sinful, rebellious ways; repenting—changing our minds about our sin—recognizing it as a serious affront to a Holy, righteous and just God; and recognizing exactly what we have been saved from (Eternal punishment, separation from God in Hell, and the power of sin over our lives).

The Lord may be coming back very soon for His church—no prediction here, just my observation.  Are we ready or will we find ourselves to be among those who are left behind? It is time to take our eternal future, and the eternal future of others, very, very seriously.