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Alex Nitzberg

Alex Nitzberg is a conservative journalist and commentator and the host of The Alex Nitzberg Show where he conducts interviews with a variety of guests.

Prior to becoming president, Barack Obama promised to “fundamentally transform the United States.” Whatever you think of the former president, he was true to his word and his administration sure did incite change on this nation. As a result, in just eight short years, today’s American culture, values, and public opinion have declined dramatically. Our great grandparents would hardly recognize the country they loved.

Is it even possible to reverse the “fundamental transformation” or is it permanent?  Can our nation and church return to its traditional Judeo-Christian values that served us well for nearly 200 years?

Today’s guest has some interesting insights on these and other issues. Alex Nitzberg is a columnist and host of The Alex Nitzberg Show.  He has studied American history and current trends in our nation, and joins us to discuss where we are headed and the influence the U.N. and LGBTQ movements have had on America.


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