Public Education Undermining Parents, and Other ‘New Year’ Challenges

by | Jan 3, 2018 | Beliefs, Christianity, Culture & Morality, Education, Entertainment, gender confusion, Government, Homosexual Agenda, Liberalism, Podcast

It’s bad enough that public education teaches evolution as fact, ignoring God’s Word and the option to teach another view of creation. It’s also sad today’s children are encouraged to “explore their sexuality and gender” without talking with their parents; but now comes a story from West Bend, Wisconsin where Middle School students are being tested to see if they are “privileged,” seemingly concluding they should feel guilty if they come from a religious, white, heterosexual family with a stable environment.

We cover an article written by Todd Starnes exposing the apparent agenda to plant seeds of immorality and indoctrinate middle school children into the radical liberal agenda. This survey given to kids might surprise you. We also discuss an article by our own David Fiorazo sharing insight on eight major topics Christians should watch and discern as we go through 2018.



Middle Schoolers Told ‘White, Heterosexual Males Who Own Cars May Be Privileged’

Eight Areas of Interest to Christians in 2018


As Christians, we must understand the times and always cultivate an eternal perspective. Here are some things to look at through the lens of the Bible:

  1. Keep your eyes on Israel
  2. Religious Freedom teetering on the brink
  3. Sex outside of marriage the new norm?
  4. The Critical Fight for Life
  5. The American Church will keep Conforming to Culture
  6. Christians will continue being Hated and Discriminated Against
  7. Media Malpractice is Rampant and Epidemic
  8. Lawlessness and Worldliness will Increase