We want to know what is important to you and hopefully together, we’ll take everything to God’s Word.  Topics you asked to discuss this week include: Pastors using “The Message” paraphrase; Should we ignore or invite Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses in when they visit our homes; “Dual Covenant” theology; do President Trump’s ill-advised comments outweigh his many positive accomplishments; Yoga classes in churches; and Oprah Winfrey’s spiritual beliefs.

Every Friday we cover any topic you our listeners want to discuss.  (For net week, here’s how to connect with us to share your comments or ask questions: Email comments@standupforthetruth.com, Text  TRUTH to 797979, Call  1-800-979-9010 and ask for Mike or David.


Here are just some of the actual comments and questions  for this week

“Your show Thursday about the possibility of widespread spiritual revival in America was quite interesting.  I think the right way to look at it is this:  certainly God can use a few to transform a nation, but the Bible is clear that one day every nation will oppose God, so any revival will be temporary.  We should pray for the best, prepare for the worst and always study prophecy in the Bible.”



“I believe Oprah will run for President and be a viable threat to President Trump.  What do we know about her spiritual views?”

– Elaine


“I have an unusual situation:  Our pastor seems to teach very sound doctrine, but he often references “The Message” paraphrase by Eugene Petersen.  I would like to ask him about this…am I causing unnecessary waves?  Given what Petersen has come out with theologically I think this is important.”

– Phil


“My employer is insisting that every employee take ‘gender sensitivity training”.  He says this is necessary to insure that every employee is valued and feels safe and also to protect the organization against any potential actions by employees who feel bullied or marginalized.  I am a Christian and I am torn about whether to be involved or look for another job.  I am not opposed to making sure we treat all people with dignity, even though they are confused about how God made them, but I am just wondering if this is just the tip of the iceberg as to what our workplace will look like moving forward.”

– Brenda


“My pastor thinks you have mischaracterized preachers like Kenneth Copeland.   He believes Copeland is a solid teacher who preaches the Word with power and conviction.”

– Jerry


“My wife and I have differing opinions on how we should handle something.  We seem to get frequent visits from Mormon missionaries and Jehovah’s Witnesses at our door on weekends.   My lovely wife has a heart for lost people and wants to keep inviting them in to witness to them…I am more of the school of thought to just politely say “no thank you”.  We have young children and I just do not want to possibly expose them to anti-Christian propaganda and false teachings.”

– Jeff


“I am 21 years old and just committed my life to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  The friends I have been close to have noticed a difference in me and it seems like I am being “shut out” of their circle.  I am invited less and less to get togethers and some of the people I thought I was closest to ignore any efforts to get together for lunch or a cup of coffee.    Ii am finding life can be lonely as a Christian at times, but I am learning to draw closer to God.  Wondering if either of you experienced something like this when you became believers.”

– Kristine


“What can you tell us about “Dual Covenant Theology” regarding the Jews?  I caught the end of a television preacher discussing it the other day.”

– Micah


I should have seen this coming but did not…a couple years ago our church started a Christian exercise program and many people, mostly women signed up.  Now a couple years later it has morphed into a “Christian Yoga” class.  And sadly many of the same people are enthusiastically embracing it and attending.   When I have tried to talk with some of my friends about the dangers I am dismissed and even sometimes called a ‘legalist”.  Sad how good things can morph into something bad when we are not careful.”

– Marcie


Excellent show with Gary Kah. I appreciated that he recognizes it is not just liberal Democrats that hate Trump, but also establishment, elitist Republicans that want to maintain power.  Washington D.C. is broke and probably beyond repair, even by Trump.”

– Paul

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