Julaine Appling

President, Wisconsin Family Action & Wisconsin Family Council

Founded in 2006, Wisconsin Family Action exists to inform Wisconsin citizens about pro-family legislative and cultural issues, involve Wisconsin citizens in activities that strengthen the family, prepare Wisconsin citizens for elections, as the law provides, and advocate in the state legislature on cultural and legislative issues that affect the family. WFA advances Judeo-Christian principles and values in Wisconsin by strengthening, preserving, and promoting marriage, family, life and liberty.


Christians are not immune to problems, confusion and sometimes even feeling somewhat depressed.  The world offers several options including Psychology and medication, but as John Rosemond discussed yesterday these can sometimes lead to more problems.  The Word of God is absolute, eternal truth, sufficient for all things.

In our second half hour today, we interview Pastor Rob Green from Faith Church in Indiana and discuss a biblical counseling course being offered in our area to help Christians minister to one another with wisdom when life becomes challenging.

Biblical Counseling Training Course in Green Bay, WI (March 2-3, April 6-7, and May 4-5)

In our first segment, we check in with Julaine Appling of Wisconsin Family Council to discuss president Trump’s State of the Union speech, the reaction of the Left, the Senate failing to pass the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, and an important election coming up this month in WI as well as obstacles to passing strong pro-life legislation in Wisconsin.

“When we respond with faith and worship in the midst of unpleasant surprises, we ultimately understand more about the God of the Bible and we see him more clearly.” Rob Green