Are We Prepared to Lead People to Jesus Christ?

by | Mar 6, 2018 | Apologetics, Beliefs, Christianity, Culture & Morality, Emergent Church, Evangelism, Gospel, Podcast, Salvation

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Dave Wager

President, Silver Birch Ranch & Nicolet Bible Institute

Dave’s goal in life is to continually know Christ and make Him known. Check out The Omega Force blog.


In Matthew 5:14 Jesus said to His disciples, “You are the light of the world.  A city on a hill cannot be hidden.  Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house.”

As committed disciples of Jesus Christ, we are to shine brightly in a dark world, pointing lost people to the only hope: Jesus Christ and the gospel.  But just how brightly do we shine these days?  Are our lives a powerful light reflecting the glory of God?  Or are we a flickering candle about to be snuffed out at the first sign of trouble?

Shining brightly begins with knowing the nature and character of God and then living our lives secure in this understanding.  And how we as disciples react to life’s challenges speaks to our willingness and ability to be a faithful witness to Jesus as well as the gospel of repentance and salvation.

Dave Wager of Nicolet Bible Institute wrote a book a decade ago titled Beyond the Deception: Learning to Defend the Truth, and he joins us for a self-examination of our lives and depth of our faith in Jesus Christ. We went through many of these points on today’s podcast:

Day 1: “My complete obedience to God unleashes my complete freedom”.

Day 2: “God is love…and holy and righteous and a judge…”

Day 3:  “God is God and I am Dave…that actually means something!”

Day 4:  “It is possible that something I believe is a lie perpetuated by those whom I have trusted…”

Day 5:  “When I grumble I am all about me”.

Day 6: “I am usually motivated by the things that bring me the most pleasure and the least pain.”

Day 7: “I have a choice to be one who unifies or one who divides.”

Day 8:  “We are made to be in the world, yet not have the world in us.”

Day 9:  “Sometimes going to church seems like a waste of time.”

Day 10:  “God can use donkeys to speak for Him.  I really need to make myself more available to Him.”

Day 11: Salvation is being free from the penalty and power of sin, while being able to look forward to being free from its very presence someday”.

Day 12: “is it possible to grow without changing or without effort?”

Day 13: “I am capable of believing a lie”.

Day 14: “I will either adjust my life to the truth or the truth to my life.”

Day 15:  “I am on a path toward something…”

Day 16:  “There is no such thing as a ‘secret life’”.

Day 17:  “Something will control me today”.

Day 18:  “I need to think about what I could be, not what I cannot be”.

Day 19:  “Selective memory can be both good and bad”.

Day 20:  “My environment will help me intentionally remember or intentionally forget.”

Day 21: “My death is certain.  My life on earth is not certain.”