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Dr Lynn Wilder

Lynn is a wife, mother, grandmother, scholar, and author with a doctorate in education. During more than a decade as a professor and researcher, and 20 years as a public school teacher, she has produced more than 50 scholarly publications, written four books, and mentored hundreds of students. Her experience, passion, and expertise lie in how to advance the academic and social-emotional success of “marginalized” students (in the book she calls them the world’s “throwaways”) who struggle in school. Once tenured faculty at Mormon Church owned and operated Brigham Young University (BYU), Dr. Wilder resigned from BYU and then from the LDS Church in 2008 when she experienced a crisis of faith. She currently teaches at Florida Gulf Coast University, speaks, writes, and enjoys time with 7 much-loved, vivacious grandchildren. Full bio

One reason LDS continues to grow is because Mormons are very open and evangelistic about their religion.  They tend to be very moral people and unless you really understand what Mormonism is and what they believe about God, you can easily mistake Mormonism for biblical Christianity; at least on the surface.  But underneath the facade of good works is a cult that has the identity of God and Jesus Christ wrong, leading many to a false sense of eternal security.

Today’s guest knows all about the subtle deception of Mormonism as she was a practicing Mormon for years until the truth was revealed to her by God.  Now she is dedicated to teaching people about Mormonism and pointing them to the true saving faith of biblical Christianity through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, God in the flesh.

Lynn K. Wilder is an author and former BYU professor many know for discussing how she left the LDS church in the 2011 video-documentary Unveiling Grace. Founder of Ex-Mormon Christians United for Jesus, Lynn joins us this morning to share her story and offer advice in how to engage Mormons with the truth of God’s Word.