Julie Loos

Director of Marketing, Outreach, and Prayer, Ratio Christi

In addition to marketing, outreach and prayer, Julie oversees the Boosters program and the Youth Exodus Project. Julie serves on the planning team for Ratio Christi’s television show “Truth Matters” where she has also been a repeat guest. She represents Ratio Christi on the Collegiate Day of Prayer catalyst team and on the Mission America/Love2020 Apologetics/Campus Ministry/Emerging Gen Affinity Sphere team. Julie also holds her Certificate in Apologetics from Biola University and her Cross-Examined Instructor’s Academy certificate. (more...)

The statistics are not very encouraging: between 75% – 90% of Christian teenagers decide to leave the faith once they become young adults and go off to college.  As the Word of God and disciples of Jesus Christ come under increased attack, the trends seem to indicate the problem will only grow worse.

Too many Christian parents have faced it; after doing their best to raise their children in the ways of God and His Word, they end up seeing them choose to walk away from the faith.  What are the causes of this mass exodus and what, if anything, can be done to reverse this tragic, dangerous trend?

Julie Loos of Ratio Christi Ministries joins us to discuss these challenges and provide insights.

Beyond the Church Walls” is a Ratio Christi conference in our RCCP (College Prep) division dedicated to training youth leaders and parents to disciple the next generation so that they retain their faith during college and become a passionate missional force therein.


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