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Economic & market forecaster, speaker, author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation.

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Some would argue that globalists are knowingly supporting Satan’s agenda for a one-world government while others argue they are simply ignorant pawns doing what they think is best for humanity.  More than likely most are simply being used by those in power because they are ignorant of God’s Word.

But the reality is Satan’s ill-fated agenda is progressing rapidly through governments, science, culture and even in professing Christianity.  The moves are often subtle, but the end-results chilling as the world will one day worship the Anti-Christ instead of the one true God.

Patrick Wood of Technocracy News is a disciple of Jesus Christ on the cutting edge of the globalist agenda.  Today he shares more news stories on how technology and world systems are slowly bringing humanity into captivity.



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