Every Friday we answer your questions and read your comments on air.  Some of your questions and comments this week allude to a church in America that seems to have lost its focus and moral compass There is confusion about Islam, an ineffectiveness in addressing the social and cultural issues of our times, and the melding of seemingly contradictory philosophies like Universalism, Calvinism, and Social Justice.

Here are some of the topics we cover today:

  • When is it biblical and necessary to divide over doctrines and break fellowship with professing Christians?
  • A Christian who formerly supported the LGBTQ, even to the point of pushing others into those lifestyles, admits she was wrong and has repented. Why are people like her in the minority of believers today?
  • How do pastors avoid watering down their sermon/message knowing there are new believers in the congregation as well as mature disciples of Christ?
  • Why do the media seem to despise Israel and the heritage of the Jewish people? Is the Left that sold out to progressive ideology to report the truth?
  • Should we not invite people to church if our pastor does not preach the gospel and the whole counsel of God?
  • The hypocrisy of Democrat Christians toward other Christians who support or voted for President Trump
  • How do you prevent yourself from becoming legalistic when studying God’s law in the Old Testament?
  • Should Christians be concerned about Sharia Law and the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in our government and on our fading religious freedoms?
  • Does the move of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem have any prophetic implications?
  • Is Islam the one world religion we are warned about in Revelation?


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