The first century church faced the constant persecution and even death if they were caught gathering to worship Jesus Christ.  Every time they got together they were risking their lives.  In countries like North Korea, Iran and China, that threat is still real as every year, thousands of our Christian brothers and sisters are beaten, imprisoned, tortured and some killed for the sake of the gospel.

Here in America we take our historic religious freedom for granted, but there has been a clear increase in violence against churches in our nation and some are warning this is just the beginning.  Safety concerns within Christian Churches have become an important issue and today, Tim Miller of Lionheart International Services Group joins us for a discussion on how churches of every size can protect their families worshiping together.

In our final segment, we talk about spreading the gospel in the poorest of nations as we are joined by Micah McElveen, founder of VAPOR Ministries.  Meeting the poverty needs of the poor is a great way to share the gospel and make disciples of Jesus Christ. Micah tells us how VAPOR is doing that, and about an event in Green Bay June 16 where we can get involved in spreading the gospel in Haiti.