Tony Gurule

Ratio Christi

Host of Ratio Christi's 'Truth Matters' Television Show & Assistant Director of Chapter Formation.

These are some of the mantras you will hear the mainstream media spout when talking about Islam: it’s a religion of peace and tolerance, we all worship the same God, Muslims just want to live and let live.  For whatever reason—ignorance or willful deception—the media refuses to look at the true history of Islam with objectivity.

The fact is Islam is a socio-political system disguised as a religion with a track record of violence and oppression wherever it spreads.  While most Muslims may be people who want to live peacefully and are not radicalized, they have pledged allegiance to a false deity who calls for violence and oppression of anyone who defies its creeds and teachings.

Tony Gurule of Ratio Christi Ministries is host of Truth Matters, Colliding Worldviews, and Islam and the News, and is an expert on Islam, Shariah Law, and The Muslim Brotherhood.  This morning he joins us to continue our discussion from part 1 of this interview, and shed light on what the media refuses to discuss about Islam.

Part 1 of our interview with Tony Gurule on Islam: The Dilemma of Islam to the Disciple of Jesus Christ

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