Devin & Melissa Pellew

Ratio Christi Chapter Directors

Devin & Melissa Pellew are Ratio Christi’s Chapter Directors at Winthrop University, where they are equipping college students to defend the Christian Faith as well as engaging unbelieving and skeptical students.

Devin and Melissa co-host a weekly internet radio broadcast, Theology Matters with the Pellews, where they discuss issues related to Christian apologetics, theology and biblical worldview.



It’s no secret that the vast majority of college campuses are filled with radical liberal ideologies promoting Humanism and Marxism, and worldviews contradictory to the Bible. With each passing year, we see our young people being indoctrinated more and more into lies and false teachings that steer them and our nation away from God and biblical morality. This has been going on for decades, and as these young people assume the mantle of leadership in our nation and churches, who knows what the future might hold?

Fortunately, there are committed Christians doing what they can to help university students see the light and truth of Jesus Christ. We speak with two of those believers today, Devin and Melissa Pellew of Ratio Christi Ministries.  They are Directors at Ratio Christi’s Winthrop University Chapter, spreading the gospel on campus and helping Christian students maintain a biblical worldview through apologetics.



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