Tony Gurule

Ratio Christi

Host of Ratio Christi’s ‘Truth Matters‘ Television Show & Assistant Director of Chapter Formation.

Almost everyone believes or at least acknowledges that Jesus is a real person who once walked the earth. The historical evidence clearly points to that fact. And most will say that he was an influential man or good teacher.   Hundreds of millions, especially in America, claim they are Christians or claim to “believe in Him” as the means to salvation and eternal life.  But ask 100 people what they actually believe about His nature, word, and character and you might get 90 different answers.  Even within those who profess to be Christians you see a wide variety of opinions on the nature and character of the one who is Lord and Creator of all things.

Jesus warned His followers that false Christs would come and deceive many. If we are not diligent in the study of God’s Word we can easily be deceived by any of these false Christs. Today hundreds of millions follow a “false Christ” fabricated from a variety of ideas, sources and beliefs.

Tony Gurule of Ratio Christi Ministries has studied cults and false religions in great depth and joins us to discuss how people create a god to their liking (Fabricating Jesus) and believe in a false version of the one who died for our sins by taking the wrath of God against sin upon Himself.




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