Thank you so much for keeping us busy! On Fridays, we read your comments and answer your questions from the week, always reminding you to prayerfully check everything you hear with the perfect, eternal Word of the living God.

Some of the topics we discuss this week include:

  • Liberal theology and prosperity preaching infiltrating the church
  • ignorance about Islam in America
  • Christian college students struggling with liberal, secular professors
  • the latest apostasy of Jim Wallis and Sojourners
  • does implementing church security mean we don’t trust the sovereignty of God?
  • pastors that avoid teaching from the Old Testament
  • our interview with Tony Gurule of ratio Christi Ministries on Sharia Law
  • a listener from England concerned about political correctness and the growing Muslim population
  • the conundrum within the Southern Baptist Convention

On Monday we check back in with former Muslim, Elijah Abraham from Living Oasis ministries. Send your comments and questions to us using the form below.

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